Occupy Wall Street Gets A Surveillance Drone: The OccuCopter


Tim Pool’s tireless coverage of Occupy Wall Street was frustrated only by police barricades limiting press access. But no more.

The Guardian reports that Pool has purchased a Parrot AR drone he’s calling the OccuCopter, that he will use to cover the Occupy protests and police action against them.

A normal Parrot AR runs about three-hundred bucks, has an onboard camera and operates via iPhone, iPad, or Android, but Pool modified the Parrot’s software to broadcast straight to the Internet

To keep the drone up in the air with police attempting to shut it down, Pool “police-proofed” the device.

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Powerful New Video from New York - Motorists and Citizens Cheering OWS Protesters - NYPD Uses Violence Against Peaceful Protest


Another day, another protest in New York city. A powerful new video shot by Tim Pool from December 17, 2011. He uploaded several new videos from this day at his youtube channel.

The elderly lady at the end of the video interviewed by Tim Pool on December 17th expresses feelings which I am sure most of us would support - don’t miss her damning remarks.

Tim is today featured in an article at Time Techland which reveals that his next step in providing coverage of the Occupy protests will be from an aerial drone piloted via a smartphone. The drone will provide a unique perspective of both protesters and police and Tim will have several people at the protests who can assume coverage if the operator is arrested. This is a bold and exciting development and one that we can all look forward to.

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Voices of Occupy Wall Street


I am so glad people are involved and connecting.

Occupy Mindfulness

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American government expand "War on Terror" to include all US citizens. Obama drops pledge to veto. Any American citizen can now be arrested and held indefinitely, without trial, and even sent to Guantanamo if the US Military see fit.


Get out, get out now!

Seriously America’s military is now technically at war with it’s own citizens. How is that in any way right!?

NOTE: the bill was passed 93 in favor, 7 against… Seven… SEVEN AGAINST! Who have you got in control of your country!? These people obviously do not work for you or this would have been the opposite!

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good animated explanation of the occupy movement: we’re prototyping a 21st century movement. thx, TIME magazine for recognizing ‘the protester’ as the person of the year. i think activists will be the only way out of our mess.

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Where to we sign up?

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Cops arrest people for dancing at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC. 

Yes, this is America, folks. Her true colors in all their glory.

ENOUGH! Watch NYPD Physically Prevent NYTimes Journalist from Covering #OWS Police Arrests (12/12)

Excellent DKos roundup and commentary on the continuing deterioration of freedom, particularly in response to freedom of the press. 

"As you can see in the video, and as Stolarik himself notes in the Village Voice, his press credentials are clear. There is no confusion. There is no misunderstanding. There is only a willful attempt to keep our press from recording the way in which Occupy Wall Street protesters are treated.

"As our wealth continues to be drained by those corporations which have bought our Congress and crafted legislation benefiting the 1 percent (to the detriment of everyone else), our freedoms are beginning to be drained as well."

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